The CleatlessDock Alternative to Boat Dock Cleats

CleatlessDock systems offer a safer, sleeker and stronger alternative to boat dock cleats for home docks, marinas and waterfront restaurants. Made with durable stainless steel components and hidden within the dock floor, CleatlessDock systems maximize dock space and safety with reliability. The retractable dock rope mechanism and flush design provides an unseen method of securing boats like no other dock cleats on the market.


CleatlessDock Systems VS Standard Boat Dock Cleats

CleatlessDock’s hidden design and retractable functionality eliminates the need for bundled ropes and bulky dock cleats, thus increasing safety. By reducing the risk of common dock accidents such as tripping, these cleat-less dock systems are a safer choice compared to traditional dock cleats. With ADA compliance and increased safety benefits, installing CleatlessDock systems as opposed to standard boat dock cleats can also help reduce insurance costs.


Boat dock owners will experience a stronger, more durable alternative to traditional dock cleats with the CleatlessDock system. Instead of popping out like traditional or even flip-up dock cleats, these cleat-less units are installed flush with your dock floor while the retractable rope is stored underneath out of sight. In addition to its well-built construction and stainless steel components, this provides further protection from the weather, bumping boats, equipment and other causes of damage. They are also extremely easy to use. Simply lift the latch, pull the rope, loop it onto your boat cleat, and close the latch.


Each CleatlessDock System Includes:

  • 1 – Stainless Steel CleatlessDock Unit
  • 1 – 15-ft Nylon Line
  • 1 – Drill & Cut Template
  • 1 – Installation Instructions
  • 8 – Lock Nuts
  • 8 – Fender Washers
  • 6 – Screws
  • 1 – 5-Year Warranty


CleatlessDock System Installation Instructions

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CleatlessDock systems are easy to install and work with most boat docks, new or old. Follow these steps for proper installation:

Center template provided over dock board where CleatlessDock unit will be installed into the dock. To keep it from moving, install 2 screws.


Drill eight (8) vertically straight 1/4-inch holes through the template and adjacent deck board.


Draw a line across the template slot. This is where the dock board will be cut short.


Remove the template and cut the dock board on the line drawn from the template.


Install the stainless steel trim into the open cutout.


Reach through the stainless steel trim, install washers & locking nuts onto all 8 hidden bolts on the bottom side of the deck boards. Snug them all up evenly ensuring the stainless steel trim edge is pulled down flush with the deck boards.


Install CleatlessDock unit into the stainless steel trim with 6 screws.

Boat Dock Requirements

Deck boards must be between ¾”x6” up to 2”x6” decking and run a 90° angle to dock’s edge.


Must have 8 ¾” inch clearance below where the unit will be installed (no floats or frame lumber directly below not allowing the 8 ¾ inch clearance needed).


CleatlessDock should be mounted in a dock that is approximately 12″ above the water surface or more. This will insure 3+ inches of clearance between the bottom of the unit and the water.

  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 11 in
  • Product Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Better alternative to traditional boat dock cleats
  • Maximize boat dock space and safety
  • Sleek design enhances boat dock aesthetics and experience
  • Simple and secure docking for boats and yachts
  • Made with durable stainless steel components
  • Retractable 15-ft premium nylon dock rope and storage
  • Internal dock rope lock mechanism
  • Easy installation and simple to use
  • Compatible with most dock systems
  • ADA compliant and safe
  • Design and utility patents awarded
  • 5-Year money back guarantee
  • Made in USA

CleatlessDock (Boat Dock Cleat)

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