(Formerly known as 'Aqua Dock Lights Mounted LED Pro')


'Maui 15k One-Tone' is the brightest, most robust mountable underwater lighting system on the market. Backed by a two-year warranty, the Mounted LED Pro single-color underwater dock lights feature the latest high-density LED technology and GFCI protection. Mountable underwater dock lights are perfect for dock pilings, boat docks, floating docks, marinas, and waterfront restaurants.


'Maui 15k One-Tone' single-color underwater lighting system is designed for durability to withstand both fresh and saltwater environments. Manufactured in aluminum bronze with a marine-grade borosilicate glass lens, our mountable underwater dock piling lights feature the latest LED technology along with GFCI protection. The easy-to-install Mounted LED Pro underwater light can be safely mounted horizontally on a fixed structure or simply placed at the bottom of canals, beachfronts, lakes, or ponds.

    Maui 15k One-Tone (Mountable Underwater LED Light)

    SKU: 366615376135191
      • 50 ft. cord (+$50)
      • 80 ft. cord (+$110)
      • Mounting Brackets - attach a light to a fixed structure such as pilings or floating docks
        • PVC Mounting Bracket (+$50)
      • Photocell (+$115) - for automatic switching at dusk