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Underwater Lights Instructions

Upon receipt of your underwater light from Aqua Dock Lights, you can begin enjoying the beauty and benefits that you’re unique light will provide. Here is some information you should know before installing your portable or mountable underwater light system.

General Operation

Aqua Dock Lights are specially designed to provide you with years of enjoyment with very little maintenance in both salt or fresh water applications.


Since the Aqua Dock Lights are semi-self-cleaning due to the natural heat generated, the light should only require cleaning occasionally if marine growth appears. Disconnect the power source to the device before cleaning. Remove the light from the water by pulling the electrical cord. A simple hard-bristled brush can be used to scrub the lens during cleaning. If heavy growth appears that cannot be removed by a brush, the use of a scraper is recommended.

Safety Precautions

  • UNPLUG the light BEFORE INSTALLATION or removal from the water!

  • Do not handle any hardware, including the cord, that comes with the device without first unplugging the electrical cord from the power source.

  • Do not operate above the water surface.

Questions & Concerns

For any questions or concerns regarding your underwater light system, contact our customer service team.

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