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Premier Underwater Dock Lights LED Technology

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Aqua Dock Lights delivers superior quality underwater LED lighting systems worldwide.


Our selection of technologically-advanced underwater lights includes the brightest, most energy-efficient available on the market.

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LED Technology

Aqua Dock Lights offers various underwater LED light color options. Choose from single color (green, blue, white, red, orange), 2-color combinations, or RGB color-changing with remote control customization.

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Brightest & Most Energy-Efficient

We provide the brightest and most energy-efficient underwater LED lights of their class to waters worldwide. Our underwater dock lights bring an unparalleled ambiance to waterfronts like no others.


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Attract Fish & Marine Life

Our underwater dock Lights are designed to attract a natural food chain by luring baitfish which in turn will attract larger fish. Aqua Dock lights can transform a waterfront property into a virtual aquarium.

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5 Star Customer Service!!!

"I have 6 "aqua dock lights for the past 2 years, never have had any problems. They have outperformed everything I have used in the past. I recently ordered 6 more for my new project. Derrick is the most knowledgeable and professional representative I have ever worked with. Looking forward to lighting it up!!"

- Chris Kishfy (purchased the Underwater Dock Lights)

Highly Recommended!

"Just installed our light yesterday and could not believe how large of circumference the light covers and how brilliant the light is. The fish were swarming all over our dock in a matter of minutes. I would highly recommend this product."

- Larry Zollo (purchased the Mega-Watt Underwater Lighting System)

We love our lights!

"We love our lights we have 3 and no problem easy to install great quality."

- Bethany Sharp (purchased the Apollo Underwater Lights)


"The underwater "mega-watt" lighting system is amazing! It transformed an average boat dock into a work of art!"

- Timmy D. (purchased the Mega-Watt Underwater Lighting System)

Sooo Many Fish!

"The Mega Watt light I purchased this summer has been absolutely incredible! I love the color (blue), it's very pretty! Late at night, we go out to our dock and watch sooo many fish that we'd never seen before swim right by us..."

- Donna M. (purchased the Mega-Watt Underwater Lighting System)

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